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Well, I like to think the site stays objective and doesn't tell people specifically what products to purchase, as there are many different combos that will work better for some then others.

So, you will need two things.

1) Slot-1 Adapter.
2) MicroSD.

Make sure the device you choose has a DLDI driver or that it is listed as auto patching. Another note is that Slot-1 only devices are not able to play GBA Homebrew, only NDS. So, if you want to play GBA Homebrew, make sure you get a slot-2 memory adapter that is listed for running GBA Homebrew.  Basically, you Slot-1 adapter will copy the GBA Homebrew into the memory device, and then reboot the DS in GBA mode to load the GBA Homebrew.

Running Homebrew

Copy the downloaded gamename.nds (Unzip it first, if needed) file onto your devices media (flash card, MicroSD card, etc.).  Insert into the DS and turn it on.

Now, some devices require a menu system to be on the MicroSD card as well.  If your device didn't come with a CD and when you insert it into the DS and turn it on, it gives an error message, hit and search on your device and firmware or menu.


Also, some homebrew games also need you to copy a directory structure onto the MicroSD card along with the .nds file.  Make sure you copy the directories to the ROOT of your MicroSD card.  Root means the top level.  For example, Video Games Hero has a vgh folder with it.  When you copy it to your MicroSD card, make sure it looks like this:




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