FlashMe V7 on NDS-Lite (UPDATED LINK)

This is a tutorial + Video of installing FlashMe V7 on an NDS Lite using a Max Media Launcher (MML) and a GBA Movie Player (GBA MP).


FlashMe V7 - on NDS-Lite

Disclaimer!!! Use of PassMe/NoPass/FlashMe is at your own risk! This device does NOT allow you to run copyrighted applications. It is for homebrew development only! Natrium42, DarkFader, Lynx, Loopy/Olimar, Costis and anyone else that helped make this available are not responsible for any damage it may cause to you, your Nintendo DS-Lite, or anything else it comes in contact with. What's this mean? If you fry your DS, NO ONE is going to buy you a new one. You have been warned. Again, use at your own risk!

Now, onto flashing your DS firmware!

Click link to see Lynx flash his DS-Lite (V7) UPDATED for DS-Lite ---> 3.7Meg

---Recover Info here
---Shorting Tools

Finding FlashMe had become a messy task. Finally we have an official page again. Make sure you grab FlashMe V8 from HERE.

First, go to HERE and download the installation file. Write it to your GBA Flash Cart or in my case, GBA Movie Player. NOTE! Although you will be downloading FlashMe.nds, it does not require you to add a header. This .nds file will work just as it is on a GBA Flash Cart OR GBA MP, etc.

Tools required. Screwdriver, Something to short SL1 (Some rolled up tin foil in this case, with a piece of tape wrapped around it so that it will not short anything else), PassMe2, DS Game or NoPass (what I'm using), and Media to hold flashme.nds.

Step 1. PLUG IN YOUR DS! I don't know how many posts I have ready about people not plugging in their DS and dropping the battery. Luckily, Loopy is a great guy and inserted recovery code. Check out the bottom of this page for recovery instructions.

Step 2. Insert NoPass Device. If you are using PassMe2, don't forget to load the SRAM Data onto your media.

Step 3. Insert your media (GBA MP in this case).

Step 4. Turn on your DS-Lite, you will receive this warning, as the NDS-Lite firmware is not auto detected at this time. Just press START to continue. Then, press X B X B as directed on the screen.

Step 5. Short SL1. That is the hole on the left. Nintendo didn't bother to put a sticker over it this time. You can see two pads that look like (| |). You need to bridge the gap between these two pads. Again, I am using rolled up tin foil, with a piece of tap wrapped around the end, to make sure the sides of the foil do not touch anything.

When it detects the short, you will see the Process % increase. Be sure to keep SL1 shorted untill you receive a message indicating the flash was successful. If you do not see the Process indicator increasing, then your SL1 is not shorted. If you lose connection, don't worry. FlashMe will wait for you to short SL1 again and continue installing.

Wait for the 100%, and your done...

As you can see, DS Linux is showing that FlashMe V7 is installed.

Click link to see Lynx flash his DS-Lite (V7) UPDATED for DS-Lite ---> 3.7Meg


NOTE: Make sure there is NOTHING inserted into the DS slot. This includes a game, PassMe1/2, or NoPass!

First, write flashme.nds to your media and insert it into the GBA slot.
Next, hold SELECT+START+A+B all at the same time and turn your DS on.
The DS will boot directly to the GBA slot and from here, you can launch flashme.nds (If it isn't already started) and install it again.

Shorting Tools

Here is a list of other "tools" people have used to short SL1. Just make sure you insulate the end with tape of some kind. Scotch tape, Duct tape, Electrical tape, etc. Of course, not aluminum tape. :)

- Two paperclips bent strait and taped together
- Hex Allen Wrench


It has been found that some newer DSs will not flash with just a metal shorting tool. That you must use a tool with some resistance for it to work. Here are some tools that have been reported to work. I personally have not tried any so your results may very.

- 810 ohm resistor
- Pencil led
- 1K ohm resistor

Of course, with the restitors, you are going to fold them in half and make sure the leads do not touch each other so that the resistor is making the connection. You will need to wrap one lead with tape, bend the other lead next to it, and then wrap them both in tape and you should be set.

What did you use? A method didn't work? Send me an e-mail or contact me at contact page.

OLD NOTE: Shorting more then SL1 will turn off the DS-Lite, and even worse, could blow your fuse.. I know it sounds obvious, but seeing 5 pages of posts on forums, it must not be as obvious as I think.. and it's understandable, if Nintendo is going to make something smaller, it's going to have to place the components closer together. Personally, I think the best solution would be to figure out an easy to find tool for flashing the DS-Lite. Maybe something like those magnetic pens used to write on kids drawing boards? They have a metal tip with plastic all round.. But, untill the ideal NDS-Lite flashing tool is found, rolled up tin foil with tape to insulate the end worked great for me.


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