Getting Started

Getting Started


Created on Tuesday, 07 February 2012 19:48

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To run hombrew ROMs on your NDS you will need a Slot-1 flash card/adapter and of course a Nintendo DS.  Just make sure with the Slot-1 device you choose, that you research it’s homebrew compatibility, as some work better than others.  Also, make sure there is a DLDI driver for your device or that it auto DLDI patches!

Updated Quick guide to running homebrew

NDS .extensions explained x2.


If you are looking to get into developing on the NDS, check out This Page for a large amount of information.

Installing FlashMe (NOT NEEDED ANYMORE) on DS-Lite and Original DS


So, why not create an account (only needed to upload) and give it a shot. Try downloading what is currently available and upload what isn’t.

When uploading, please use “SoftwareName – Version Number –” for the file name, and also please use .zip format. I know there are better formats available that compress better (like .7z for example) but we are trying to keep this as easy to use as possible. If no version number is available, just leave it out so it would be “SoftwareName –”.

Here is an example:

Colors – v1.06h – Jens